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Hope and help is available.
Counseling for individuals, couples, families or groups.


McAuley Counseling services, Inc. was founded in 1999 by Ann Crouse, RSM, MA.  After years  of providing individual, family therapy and adult workshops at the Missouri Hotel, her mentor encouraged her to branch out to reach a wider population of individuals and families who would benefit from these services.

In August 1999 Ann Crouse, RSM began McAuley Counseling Services, Inc. In October 1999 she was diagnosed with breast cancer and had surgery in October 1999. This experience with cancer allowed Ann to delve deeper with her values of choosing life. In January 2000 she continued with the work of establishing McAuley Counseling Services, Inc.

Victoria Incrivaglia, RSM, MSW, LCSW joined the staff in June 2000 after working at St. John's Behavioral Health. Together they have worked in building up the program with grants and funding, setting up a board for the non-profit organization, and have expanded the staff to include additional licensed therapists and full-time clerical assistance.

It is the belief of McAuley Counseling Services, Inc. that all individuals are to be treated with dignity and respect. The core values are deeply rooted that mental health services are to be affordable and accessible to all individuals; it is not to be a luxury item that only those with the appropriate resources can afford.

Catherine McAuley was a socialite of Dublin, Ireland; she founded the Sisters of Mercy in 1831. Catherine possessed the passion of serving the underserved populations in Ireland. She possessed the organizational talent and driving vision to empower the powerless poor. She wanted to connect the resources of the wealthy with the needs of the economically poor.
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