McAuley Counseling Services, Inc.
The Center for Hope and Growth.








Hope and help is available.
Counseling for individuals, couples, families or groups.

 Mission Statement

The Mission of McAuley Counseling Services, Inc. is to empower people to grow, to change and to choose to live a holistic life through the use of counseling, personal growth and development workshops.

The Values of the Mission Statement are deeply rooted in the belief that mental health services are to be affordable and accessible to all individuals.  Mental health therapy services cannot be a luxury item affordable for only individuals who have the appropriate resources.

McAuley Counseling Services, Inc. provides comprehensive quality mental health services that are affordable and accessible. We strive to use our resources wisely so that all can benefit in programs for wellness of mind, body and spirit.

We treat all clients, regardless of economic status, race, gender, sexual orientation or religious affiliation.

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